Flags Quiz Answers Level 4

Flags Quiz Answers Level 4

Flags Quiz Answers Level 4

Flags quiz answers level 4 for iPhone, iPad and Android. You will complete all trivia so easy with flagsquizanswers.com guide.

The Flags Quiz as most people know is a popular game on the iPhone. Despite a very strange compound name this game has gained a lot of fans among the iPhone users. This game is from the makers of the Logos Quiz Game and the Font Quiz. When the design and the mechanics of the game are considered it has to be said that it is very similar to the Logos Quiz.

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People who feel they have a decent knowledge about the different flags must know that this game is cruelly difficult and right from the beginning things can become quite difficult for people to guess. Similar to any other game on the planet even this game has a lot of cheats that can help a person get through to the next level easily. Generally these cheats are recommended only when the person feels too frustrated and is unable to find which country or place the particular flag represents. However one should understand even after knowing the cheats the game can be interesting as it gives the player a lot to research and learn. While most people somehow manage to make it to level 3, its level 4 that poses to be a challenge. There are many players who have given up exactly at this stage due to the high level of difficulty.

The cheats for level 4 are a set of images that will give you the answers and help you cross this level with ease. These cheats are available on most gaming websites to help players win the game. A few examples are-

1.Palestine and Jordan have the same color flag except for its star in the red chevron. This helps the player distinguish the two countries’ flags easily.

2.This level has a lot of countries that fall in the African continent hence some common guesses that might turn out right can be Zimbabwe, Kenya, Niger, Namibia, Uganda, Equatorial Guinea and many more. Most of them being tricoloured.

3.There is only one single colored flag which is Mauritania and it has a golden upward pointed crescent and star

4.Zimbabwe and Uganda are the only flags that have 7 and 6 bands of colors on their flags respectively, none of the other flags have so many bands.

5.Georgia is a five cross flag and has a white background.

The cheat codes in form of images are available on several sites and makes the game simpler to kids and adults. In fact these cheat codes can come in handy mainly because that there are many variation apps available in the iPhone market. Trying all these variations out with the cheat codes in hand can be fun and at the same time can help a person research and get to know more about the various world flags, national flags and even flags of important capital cities of the world.

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