Flags Quiz Answers Level 5

Flags Quiz Answers Level 5

Flags quiz answers level 5 for iPhone, iPad and Android. You will complete all trivia so easy with flagsquizanswers.com guide.

Flags quiz game is game designed by Aticod after the success of Logos quiz game. People playing Logos quiz game would be fimiliar of Flags Quiz game as both uses similar ai. Flags quiz game is designed by the Atico mobile S.L. it has many levels from 1 to 5.

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Flags Quiz Game – Level 5:
Level 5 of the flags quiz game is the last level of the game. After the successful passing of the all the four levels of he flags quiz game, there comes the level 5. Level 5 is toughest of all. It has flags which are all new to people as they are not much discussed on electronic media. But, as the flags do not repeat in the respective next levels, then to the ease of the player out of all the flags 160 flags got exclude. 160 flags are already guessed in precedding levels. So it would be easy for the player to choose from the remaing left flags of the countries. This level also have the facility of hints and asking from friends on facebook and twitter. Stats could also be shared on social websites after the successful completion of the game.

Flags quiz answers level 5:
Flags quiz answers level 5 are the cheats for the successful completion of level 5. This toughest level of all has flags of nations like Kosovo that has the symbol of lion, south Sudan with a star on three strips, Maldives with white cresent on green and red, Micronesia with stars on light blue background and many more. Some similar flags are also there in level 5 like Tuvalu and Fiji, but difference lie in the red cross symbol on Fiji flag and stars on the Tuvalu flag. This level has flags like of the Abkhazia, Lesotho, Swaziland, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Bhutan, Saint Lucia, Marshall Island, Vatican City, Kyrgyzstan, Somaliland, East Timor, Burkina Faso, Belize, etc.

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